I’m Maxx Yung.

I’ve always been fascinated with memory. When I was young, my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and I witnessed first-hand how crucial our memories are to our individual identities.

When I was 13, I started my own research project on Alzheimer’s and memory. After 4 years of reading papers and culturing cells at the Neuroscience Institute Lab, I discovered a novel pathway that our brain uses to learn and form memories.

Now, I’m a student majoring in Materials Engineering and Computer Science (with a focus in nanotechnology) at the University of Pennsylvania. However, I plan on obtaining a master’s degree in Neuroengineering. I’m currently researching memory-associated neurons at the Corder Lab.

With these experiences, I envision myself building neuromorphic computers. By combining the best of silicon (nanotechnology), biology (neuroengineering), and software (computer science), I believe we can bring about a revolution in computer technology.

In the meantime, I love learning new things and publishing my notes to public on Obsidian (take a look yourself: Maxx's Obsidian Notes). I'm currently deep-diving into deeptech startups (biotech, space, energy, defense).